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Amazing Value 5 Packs


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By purchasing the amazing value 5 pack you save 50% on the price of our sweat proof undershirts. Select how many of each style you want in your 5 pack


  • Stops sweatmarks and stains
  • Built in underarm sweat shields
  • Tailored fit for stylish look
  • Truly sweat proof t shirts
  • Lay flat crew neck style
  • Effective for the entire day
  • Lightweight breathable fabric
  • Stays tucked in all day

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- Carl, Detroit

“Hi Tim, I love the shirts for the underarm sweat... Amazing!”

- Evan, Michigan, United States

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- Kevin W, Revere, MA

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- Jim and Gaby, Texas

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- Taryn, Houston

“ I have severe hyperhidrosis and was amazed at how good it was at combatting the problem.”

- Josh, Vancouver

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- Murray M, Toronto, Canada

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It is truly one of the best purchases I have ever made”

- Cody, Orlando

“They have worked flawlessly - Great product. Great service”

- Chris, NSW, Australia

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- Karl, Basingstoke

Product Description

Our sweat t shirt for women is made from luxurious micro modal fabric which is 50% more absorbent than cotton ensuring that perspiration does not get released onto your outer garments as sweat marks. The womens sweat t shirts stop sweat and residual deodorant from reaching the armpit of your shirts meaning that your shirts stay crisp and fresh and will last 3 or 4 times longer. With sweat shields built in this sweat proof shirt for women helps people in all walks of life to combat the problem of excessive sweating.

The amazing value 5 pack allows you to purchase 5 undershirts at 50% of the standard price that you would pay if purchasing a single sweat t shirt. We understand that sweat protection is an every-day need which is why we offer this package at such an incredibly low price.


This sweat proof shirt for women is designed to be worn every day and for all occasions from work to sports to casual to formal wear. To achieve the most comfortable possible undershirt with what we refer to as a “second skin” feel we have used ultra-soft, super luxurious micro modal fabric which is the established leader in comfort for men’s and women’s underwear. This is the most comfortable sweat t shirt for women that you will ever wear!

Temperature Control

A sweat t shirt for women needs to be delicate but effective. Using micro modal fabric means we can use the minimum material thickness needed to ensure complete moisture absorption. This special, light weight, breathable fabric ensures the wearer stays cool.


Our sweat proof shirts for women have been designed with a tailored fit so that your outer garments don’t get a ruffled look and they glide over the surface of your undershirt rather than moving with it. This means that the undershirt moves with you and doesn’t stick to your shirt. These womens sweat proof undershirts come with a special “stay tucked” design that ensures it stays tucked in all day and doesn’t ride up or become bunched.


Micro Modal fabric is one of the most expensive fabrics because of its luxurious feel, absorbent nature and temperature regulating effect, but we have ensured that we keep the price as low as possible. Our sweat t shirts for women have been priced so that can be worn every day all year round. With our luxurious yet afforable solution you can be cool and confident every day of the week.

Sizes: S M L XL
Chest (34-36) (38-40) (42-44) (46-48)
Length 28" 29" 30" 31"

At Sweatshield Undershirt we want our customers to be completely thrilled with their purchase and we have total confidence in our product.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return your order for a no questions asked, hassle free 150% refund. You can return or exchange your purchase for up to 30 days from the date you receive them.

For full details see our Refund Policy page

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