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Stopping Armpit Sweat Marks

Why Do We Get Armpit Sweat Marks & Ways to Stop Them

Sweat marks can be a real problem for sufferers of excessive sweating and even worse for those of us with Hyperhidrosis. Even a small underarm stain can be really embarrassing especially if a would be suitor, co-worker or boss sees them.

Read our guide to underarm sweat marks and yellow armpit stains to see what the cause is and what techniques and methods you can use to stop them happening and get on with your life.

Armpit stains, the ugly truth.

You may have tried different ways over the years to ease your sweating and stop underarm stains. You have probably tried all different types of underarm deodorant and are probably as confused as I am about what the difference is between a deodorant and an anti-perspirant!

I guess by now you will also have worked out that checked and striped shirts show up less of your sweat marks and that light blue shirts will really show up the slightest trace of underarm sweat. That's a shame because after white, then light blue business shirts are the second most favorite. Problem is with all shirts that sooner or later if you don't do something to protect them then they will start to develop really ugly yellow underarm sweat marks. Leave them too long and you end up with a caked on white film which is even worse. If you are anything like me then it can take as little as 6 months to completely ruin a shirt.

One solution might be to keep on putting on more and more deodorant but little do you know that it is deodorant itself that plays a big part in forming those crusty white or nasty yellow underarm stains.

What causes armpit stains?

The sweat that you emit contains proteins (it is the interaction of those proteins with bacteria on your skin that causes sweat and underarm odours). The active ingredient in most deodorants, and especially heavy duty ones. Those yellow underarm stains are caused when sweat interacts with the aluminium in antiperspirants.

After even just a few wears, most shirts will start to get some discoloration and unfortunately, the more you sweat then the more sweat and aluminium will react and the darker the stains will become. The more deodorant you put on then the worse the problem will become and it is the excessive use of heavy duty deodorant that can eventually lead that nasty thick white crusty build up that any sufferer of excessive sweating knows about.

There are some deodorants that shy away from using aluminium and you should seek out those products although from personal experience even that may not be effective in stopping yellow underarm stains.

Like most guys you will still want to put on some form of deodorant for the pleasant smell and feeling of freshness. If so then look for specialized deodorants and read the label carefully to see if they contain aluminium.

Whilst talking about deodorants it is worth mentioning that there are deodorants on the market that claim to stop all sweating. You apply them in the evening and then they stop you sweat for up to 2 days afterwards. In my experience these kind of deodorants work for "normal" sweaters but for people that sweat excessively or that suffer from hyperhidrosis then these type of solution are quite ineffective at stopping sweat marks and as they contain aluminium they can certainly make the yellow pit stain problem even worse.

What is the best way to stop yellow armpit stains

Underarm sweat marks are not ideal. At work, in the bar, at play or even when relaxing underarm sweat stains are embarrassing. Even if you are not sweating then just the sight of the yellow pit stains can be off-putting and even distracting to someone that is talking to you.

Now that I know the damage that, my sweating causes to my shirts I am very reluctant to ever put on a shirt without wearing a protective layer to stop the sweat marks and stop the combination of sweat and aluminium based deodorants from ruining my clothes. Replacing clothes is expensive and a hassle and continuing to swear shirts with yellow pit stains is simply not an option.

So if you are a "normal" sweater then probably a plain t-shirt will work just fine to protect your clothes. But if you sweat excessively or like me you suffer from hyperhidrosis then you need to look for something more substantial like a sweatshield undershirt.

Sweatshield Undershirts are made of a soft micromodal fabric that is designed to absorb sweat. In the underarm area is a special sweat proof shield that stops sweat from ever making contact with your outer shirt. In this way it ensures that you never suffer from unsightly sweat marks but also that your shirts do not become ruined with yellow underarm pit stains. Your clothes will last many years longer and you will always look great.

No more strange looks from your coworkers, boss friends or (potential) girlfriend. Save money, look better and feel more confident. Now who wouldn't want that!!

Try sweatshield undershirts today. If they don't change your life then we will refund your money!!