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Men's Back Sweat Proof Undershirt for Back Sweating (Crew Neck)

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Product Details

Comfort and Confidence in Suits and Tees.

Sweatshield Undershirts invented and is still the only manufacturer and retailer of an undershirt designed and dedicated to helping with back sweat.

Our Crew Neck undershirt with an impenetrable sweat-proof barrier in the back is guaranteed to stop sweat marks for even the most serious back sweaters, and is especially designed to work with either your suit-and-tie or your flannel-and-fleece.

Whether you suffer from hyperhidrosis, have compensatory sweating due to surgery, or just find yourself with more perspiration than you're comfortable with, we are here to help.

We've built the best shirt in the world for keeping sweat from showing through to your dress shirt, your polo, or your casual wear, whether you're making a presentation, going on a date, or just spending time with your family. Our technology stops sweat marks and keeps you cool, comfortable, and confident the entire day. These look and feel like a premium brand, and you can wear them knowing that you'll feel and look dry all day.

  • Luxurious micro modal fabric,¬†which is 50% more absorbent than cotton,¬†ensures that perspiration doesn't end up as sweat marks. This works on the entire shirt, not just the underarms.

  • Crisp crew neck¬†design¬†means the undershirt can be worn with as part of your suit-and-tie look or an open-collared look. The sweat shield forms an integral part of the back panel of the undershirt and is¬†thin, comfortable and discreet.

    Prefer a V-Neck Design? Check out our Sweatproof V Neck instead!

  • Keep-cool¬†technology¬†provides comfortable temperature control all day with lightweight, breathable material that still keeps¬†moisture¬†controlled. No sweaty cotton!

  • Tailored, stay-tucked¬†styling¬†keeps the shirts laying flat and the neck looking sharp, avoids bunching, and is tagless.

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    Product Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews

    Great shirt works excellent. I am going to buy more shirts due to the great quality!!!! I’ve tried other sweat proof shirts but this one is by far the best one.

    They’ve got your back...as they certainly have mine

    Best product I’ve ever purchased to prevent excessive back sweating, which has been a vexing problem for years. I’m a true believer... I’ll be a customer for life

    This Shirt Does What They Say It Will Do!

    I am so happy with this shirt that I just placed an order for another shirt.
    Whereas my shirt is usually wet with sweat by the time I reach work on mornings from day one after I started wearing the Sweatshield undershirt for back sweating my clothes are dry. It is like a miracle. Wish I had such a shirt years ago.

    Does what is says on the tin

    I suffer from wet armpits, particularly at work, no matter the temperature so I have had to live with sweat marks under my arms. These undershirts definitely stop any sweat coming through. I no longer have to worry about sweat patches and raising my arms. If you want something that will stop embarrassing sweat marks coming through your shirts these will do the job no question.
    However there are some things to bear in mind with this product. Not necessarily negatives but side effects.
    1. The padding is quite bulky so if you wear slim fitting tops it's not a comfortable fit. The undershirt is close fitting but it does add bulk. Anything worn over the top of it needs to be loose enough to accomodate this. For me it only works under sweaters and shirts that are not too slim fitting anything else doesn't fit properly.
    2. The padding under the arms stops sweat from getting through, but it does not soak it up to the extent that your armpits dry out. You do feel like you have 2 slightly damp nappies under your arms. It's not uncomfortable but it does take getting used to. It's a price worth paying though.
    3. as above, the padding takes a long time to dry out. Once it is wet it stays wet. When you wash them they can take several days to fully dry out.
    4. if your white shirt is light weight and fairly see through then you can see the undershirt underneath and make out the padded areas. however I can now buy colored shirts! :)

    genuinely life changing

    I am an extreme under arm sweater since teenage years and this product really has made a difference, normally after 10 minutes of wearing a regular t-shirt or work shirt I will have big visable patches but I wore this undershirt for 10 hours in hot weather and had barely even made a stain, if anything I would prefer the sweat protection bit to go abit more round the chest but other than that 100% buy you will not regret.

    extremely happy with this purchase!!

    Very good quality, super comfy and fast delivery

    excellent product

    bought 2 sweat proof back shirts and they are fantastic I can't believe they work I wear a lilac nurse tunic and I sweat a lot and not one bit goes on to my tunic They are that good I bought an extra 3
    Id recommended to anyone with sweat problems they have saved me so much embarrassment at work and a very reasonable price for the goods


    I've had my previous unsershirts from you guys for a year and they worked as they did from day 1 - definitely going to buy more.

    Very comfortable and light

    Brilliant, solved the problem.

    Bought a pack 15 months ago for my son, who wore them week in week out, have just bought him another pack . Well worth the money.

    No more wet patches

    I can't belive how great this product is. It had given me so much confidence. Thanks sweatshield

    Men's Size Chart

    Sizes: S M L XL
    Chest 34-36 38-40 42-44 46-48
    Length 28" 29" 30" 31"

    Choose V Neck for use with polo shirts, t-shirts, casual shirts and business shirts when you want to wear them open collared (unbuttoned).

    Choose Crew Neck for a sharp undershirt neckline with an open collared shirt. If wearing a buttoned up collar with a tie then crew neck will make the undershirt neckline less visible.

    Men's Boxers Size Chart (inches)

    Sizes: S M L XL
    Waist 28-30 30-33 33-36 36-39

    Women's Size Chart

    Sizes: S M L XL
    Size 6 8 10 12
    Bust 30¬ĺ 32¬ľ 34¬ľ 36¬ľ
    Waist 24 25¬Ĺ 27¬Ĺ 29¬Ĺ
    Hip 33¬ĺ 35¬Ĺ 37¬Ĺ 39¬Ĺ

    Men's Back Sweat Proof Undershirt for Back Sweating (Crew Neck)