Back Sweat Shirt Product Description

Product Description

Sweatshield undershirts are made from luxurious micro modal fabric which is 50% more absorbent than cotton ensuring that perspiration does not get released onto your outer garments as sweat marks. 

These sweat proof undershirts for back sweating come with a special sweat shield built into the back which is guaranteed to stop sweat marks for even the heaviest of sweaters including those who suffer from hyperhidrosis or compensatory sweating resulting from surgery. The back sweat shield covers the entire back area with a vent at the bottom to allow breathability and for heat to escape. The sweat shield for back sweating is so robust that it will even eliminate sweat marks caused by leaning back into your chair during the course of the day or carrying a back pack.

The deep v neck design means the undershirt can be worn with an open collared shirt without being visible, or a crisp smart crew neck design is also available. The sweat shield forms an integral part of the back panel of the undershirt and is thin, comfortable and discreet.


Sweatshield undershirts are designed to be worn every day and for all occasions from work to sports to casual to formal wear. To achieve the most comfortable possible undershirt with what we refer to as a “second skin” feel we have used ultra-soft, super luxurious micro modal fabric which is the established leader in comfort for men’s and women’s underwear. The back sweat shield is thin and soft for extra comfort, but you will feel confident knowing it is there. This is the most comfortable sweat proof undershirt you will ever wear.

Temperature Control

Using micro modal fabric means we can use the minimum material thickness needed to ensure complete moisture absorption. This special, light weight, breathable fabric ensures the wearer stays cool. In addition a special vent at the bottom of the undershirt ensures heat can escape.


Sweatshield Undershirts have been designed with a tailored fit so that your outer garments don’t get a ruffled look and they glide over the surface of your undershirt rather than moving with it. This means that the undershirt moves with you and doesn’t stick to your shirt. The sweat proof undershirt comes with a special “stay tucked” design that ensures it stays tucked in all day and doesn’t ride up or become bunched. The back sweat shield is very discreet and is not visible when worn under a shirt, t shirt or polo shirt.


Our Back Sweat Proof Undershirts have been priced so that people can wear them every day. Micro Modal fabric is one of the most expensive fabrics because of its luxurious feel, absorbent nature and temperature regulating effect, but we have ensured that we keep the price as low as possible.


An extremely effective and affordable every day solution to the problem of excessive back sweating. Designed and manufactured to be the most comfortable and effective sweat proof undershirt in the world. Revolutionary sweat shield built into the back as an integral part of its design to increase comfort, discretion and functionality. This undershirt is superior in every way to its competitors.