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Do you sweat too much? Do you suffer from embarrassing sweat marks at work, on dates, in interviews, during presentations, after the gym? Stop suffering and get your confidence back with Sweatshield Undershirt, the world’s most effective sweat proof undershirts (sometimes referred to as sweat proof shirts or a sweat t shirt).

Sweat marks can be an annoying part of everyday life during the warmer months but for many people the problem of excessive sweating is a daily matter that can have a serious impact on their confidence.

For many people sweating can be caused by hot weather or exertion and some people just plain sweat more than others, but up to 6% of the population are believed to suffer from a condition called hyperhidrosis which manifests itself as extremely excessive sweating. Regardless of whether you sweat excessively or suffer from a condition like axillary hyperhidrosis sweat proof undershirts can change your life.

Sweatshield Undershirts are built to tackle the problem of sweat marks forming on your outer garments as a result of excessive sweating in the body or underarm. The sweat t shirt has an integral sweat shield built into the underarm that stops sweat breaking through to the armpit of your shirts, and the fabric in the body is especially designed to be super absorbent and stop sweat marks breaking through on the chest and back.

In an ideal world every shirt would be a sweat proof shirt but until that day comes the very best option is sweat proof undershirts as they are versatile and can be worn with any outer garment. A sweat t shirt also has the added benefit of stopping those nasty yellow armpit stains that form in the underarm of your shirts over time, and as a result you will find that your clothing lasts many times longer.

With Sweatshield Undershirts built in, super discreet, super effective underarm sweat shield they are the perfect solution to stop the embarrassing problem of sweat marks, armpit sweat and excessive sweating.

Buy Sweatshield Undershirts and get your confidence back today.

  • Stops excessive sweating problems
  • Stop sweat marks, stop stains, stop odours
  • Sweat proof undershirts so comfortable they feel like a second skin
  • Impenetrable sweat shield built into underarm
  • Absorb perspiration and keep your outer garments bone dry
  • Stop armpit stains and triple outer garment lifespan
  • The closest thing to having a sweat proof shirt
  • Perfect for business, work, gym, sports, evening and day wear.
  • Ultra comfortable, ultra stylish, ultra effective
  • The perfect sweat t shirt for everyday use