Sweatshield Undershirts took many years to develop into what they are today and great thought has been put into the sweat proof functionality and choice of fabrics. The undershirts have been thoroughly road tested in the hottest and most humid conditions by people that intimately understand the issue of excessive sweating.

We feel certain that Sweatshield Undershirts will work for even the heaviest sweaters including sufferers of Hyperhidrosis. Over 10,000 happy customers are testimony to the effectiveness of our undershirts and nothing makes us more proud than the comments we receive telling us how we have changed people’s lives.

We are so utterly confident in our product that we offer a no questions asked 150% refund if the undershirts don’t work for you. Sounds crazy right? Don’t worry, we have been offering this guarantee since we started business nearly 5 years ago and our return rate is the envy of most companies at less than 0.5%. That means 99.5% of customers are happy with Sweatshield Undershirts!

Sweatshield Undershirts really work!