“I am a 24 year old woman and have suffered from excessive sweating since I was 14. I could not wait for these shirts to come in, I was hesitant at first because nothing else had ever worked. The first day I wore one my life was changed. I no longer have to choose clothes around my excessive sweating. For the first time in my adult life I can wear what I want! These shirts are amazing! Thank you so much!”

Virginia, USA

  “I purchased these undershirts for my wedding on September 21. I'm so happy I got them and really amazed how well they work. It was a hot and humid day here in Montreal and with me wearing a 3 piece suit, I was sure I would need to change shirt and undershirt before midnight. But to my great surprise I was dry the entire day and night. Even after dancing the entire night my shirt was always dry. Thank you for a great product, which made my wedding day a more comfortable one"

Eric, New Zealand

Sweatshield shirts are amazing. I have suffered from excessive underarm sweating for many years. It's had a negative impact on my confidence as I was always very self conscious about having very noticeable wet marks on my shirts and I limited myself to white or black  shirts as they made it less noticeable even though I desperately wanted to wear colours that suited me and reflected who I was. I knew that coloured shirts made my problem more obvious. I lived my life forever wearing jackets to hide it or running to mens rooms on quite floors of the building to try and dry the fabric and hoping nobody would come in to the facilities and think I was some sort of freak. Then, I found this website and these shirts. I just cannot tell what these simple yet wonderfully effective garments have done for me. I buy clothing I want to buy now that I will look as they should with no big dark wet patches. I am confident to go on stage as a hobby I longed to get into was community acting but stage lights and excessive perspiration don't go together, especially when you're not picking your costume! Now I can step onto the stage and enjoy my hobby safe in the knowledge that Sweatshield keeps me looking the part. I can't thank you enough for this amazing product. This is my second order now, as I've been using them a while, and I can't find the words to praise them properly

David, United Kingdom

'I have suffered from excessive sweating under my arms for many years now and I have tried all sorts of herbal and over the counter chemical remedies. Some of these worked but had unpleasant side effects and I was in some cases unable and in others unwilling to continue using these products . So I reverted back to wearing layers of clothing in an attempt to hide the sweat marks on my shirts, which was not only hot and embarrassing but also costly, as the shirts needed to be replaced more frequently. Then I discovered the Sweatshield undershirts website, I was a little dubious as to whether the claims and testimonials were true, as there are so many fraudulent claims on the web, however I thought I'd try them and see for myself. I am delighted to say that I have found the information to be true and factual. The Sweatshield undershirts have enable me to wear whatever coloured shirts I like with the confidence that they will stop the sweat coming through my shirt all day. They are comfortable to wear and very discrete under a good quality shirt. I will definitely be placing another order in the future”

Carl, USA

“I have been suffering from extreme hyperhidrosis for the last 10 to 15 years. I am a facilitator, and speak often in front of large groups. I have to wear suits, dress shirts, and ties. The biggest problem is that not only would I get pretty warm, I would also get nervous before large presentations and this made me sweat like crazy. It was so bad that I would even sweat through my suit!!!! (regular t-shirts or even dry fit do nothing). Talk about embarrassing. Here I am trying to speak and need to cross my arms because I have sweat stains on my suit jacket. And if I remove the jacket, well we all know where that leads; an ocean of sweat for the world to see. Ever since I have been wearing these undershirts, my underarm sweat stains are no more! Even chest and back sweat cannot pierce the veil. I can't believe it's real. I was considering botox or even surgery to fix the issue. I am so happy to have found these shirts. They have literally changed my life and now I can present with confidence. Thank you"

Stephen, USA

 “I have purchased several over the counter "prescription strength" antiperspirants and nothing worked. I had to hide my excessive sweat marks with suit jackets or sweaters. My last hope was sweatshield and ordered 1 shirt and got the results I was looking for - no more sweat marks! Ordered 5 more last week - thank you so much!"

Jason, USA

 “Sweatshield Undershirts have changed my wardrobe. I can now wear light coloured shirts and not feel conscious of the under stains. Normal T-shirts don't work for me. I bought a five pack for the working week, I have just ordered another 5 for everyday use. I would recommend them to anyone who suffers from embarrassing sweat marks"

Alan, South Africa

“I am so happy with my sweatshield undershirts. I purchased a woman's 5 pack and it has changed my life! Oh I still sweat like I'm running a marathon, and for now, still feel a little panicky, then remember I'm protected! I'm 54 and have spent my entire life buying clothes in colors and patterns that would camouflage the sweat marks, tape on dress shields that ended up bunched up and somewhere on my back, Or purchased prescription strength antiperspirant that never helped, and frankly I felt the chemicals could not be good for me! As early as 6th grade I would wear a sweater to "cover up" even on the hottest days! And our teacher would not turn the air on as long as ONE person was wearing their sweater..OMG. I was an outcast, my whole class bullied me to take that sweater off. I'm pretty sure I'm scared for life.  I have literally quit jobs that required I wear a uniform that I would not be able to cover up, wear a jacket or otherwise hide the sweat, I sweat when it's hot, I sweat when it's cold, so no relief EVER from the embarrassment. I am so grateful I found your site. Thank you so very much. I am a lifelong customer, just wish I found you 30 years ago! My advise to anyone considering a purchase, Do Not miss this opportunity to live confidently, you will not be sorry. My wish list: Long sleeves and Black sweatshield undershirts”

Nancy, USA

“Its an amazing product, I just bought one to try it out and it does exactly what it says on the tin. I don't remember the last time I have been that confident wearing a work outfit and not worrying about sweat marks. The technology behind the design is great and the comfort in commendable. Congratulations you have made a client for life

Ali, Dubai

“My whole life I have struggled with excessive sweating. For as long as I can remember it has caused me nothing but stress and embarrassment.  I always tried to hide behind black dri-fit shirts and avoided any sort of light colored shirt entirely. It even got to a point to where I didn't want to go out and enjoy college life with my friends because I was afraid of sweating through my shirt. I played division one baseball at Southern Illinois University for four years and have been a three sport athlete my whole life, so I know how it feels to always be sweating.  When I decided to take on this job in downtown Chicago I wasn't nervous about the city, or the work I was going to be doing, or the fast paced short deadline sales lifestyle that I had ahead of me.  The only thing I was stressed about was the thought of sitting in an office all day in a dress shirt and pants, knowing that I was going to sweat right through my shirt within the first hour of wearing it.  How was I supposed to go through a nine hour work day without looking like I just swam laps at the local fitness center?

So, the week before I started work, I ordered a five pack of your sweatshield undershirts.  They were my last hope, and I was 100% sure that they wouldn't be able to stop me from sweating through my dress shirts.  I received the undershirts on a Friday night, so I decided to put them to the ultimate test and wear a grey button up out that night.  Now, I have always been the guy who tries to hide checking my underarms while I'm out at night, so after an hour in a grey button up in 90 degree heat I snuck a peak at my underarms and I was completely blown away when I didn't see a single drop of sweat on my shirt.  The rest if that night I have to try and sneak a look at my underarms to check and see if I had sweat through my shirt or not.  For the first time in my life I didn't worry or stress about my underarms, and I actually sweat a lot less because of that reason.

These undershirts have COMPLETELY changed my life.  I have worn them for five weeks straight now at work and I stay cool and sweat free all day every day.  I'm more confident and I'm more relaxed than I ever have been in my life.  I believe in these shirts so much that I was able to convince five of my friends to try them out, and they have become believers just like me"

Wes, USA

“Thank you. I love the shirts. They work awesome. I feel like I have just gained my confidence back to step out the door in this hot Florida weather and not worry about underarm stains. These shirts are amazing. I highly recommend them to anyone with hyperhidrosis. You gained a customer for life!”

Miriam, USA

“These shirts really work. They have given me the confidence to go out in public in coloured shirts, not just black like I previously wore 99% of the time. They are more comfortable than homemade remedies I've tried in the past. Thank you Sweatshield Undershirts, you've improved my life”

David, United Kingdom

“Hi I'm not the type to bother with customer feedback however I was sceptical of the product but must admit after use I'm very impressed and satisfied with the undershirts as I only get sweat patches underarm they work perfect. It has reopened my confidence in all colours of tops which I avoided as sweat patches were visible. The low cut v necks are great as its not even evident that an undershirt is being worn”